Welcome to the world of Piehole Pizza!

We are not your typical franchise. We are an unconventional restaurant that helps people create a fun, profitable and unique experience in their own city.

Here is who we are...

Piehole has been operating for over 15 years and we have expanded into four different states. We help people build something that is unique in character and personality, and we teach them the skills to become highly efficient and profitable.

Here is what we do...

We first find the right person. We want someone with the right mix of energy, enthusiasm and commitment. We ONLY create "owner-occupied" restaurants...so, if you are a rich person looking for a hands-off investment, look elsewhere.

We then teach you the necessary skills to open and manage a restaurant, identify opportunities, help you overcome challenges, and avoid the most common mistakes.

Here is how we do it...

We start by guiding you through strategic and tactical tasks that are essential to your success. Together, we will find the right location, establish the necessary community relationships, negotiate with food suppliers, and help you create the personality of a restaurant you envision.

As you prepare to open your Piehole restaurant, we will be there to coach your team, troubleshoot challenges, and help you achieve the best first impression with your customers.

After you open, you will have access to the Piehole owner community. We, as a group, answer each other's questions, communicate best practices, and share resources.

Here is why we are different...

Piehole's model integrates our systems and procedures with your personality and creative skills. We teach you our methods that have been proven successful while still giving you the autonomy and independence that allows to create something that is uniquely yours.

Walk into any Piehole and you'll quickly notice it is authentic, original and anti-establishment. We pride ourselves on being non-corporate rebels and we want to work with people that feel the same way as we do.

Here is why we are successful...

Piehole's values: Be lean. Be fair. Be different.

Our high-volume Pieholes have profit margins of 30-35%. Whaaat? Yup, our Piehole restaurants can be THAT successful. Good luck finding anyone else that enables their partners to be that profitable.

We help you run lean by not overburdening you with excessive licensing and operating fees. In fact, our start-up fees are only $450. Then, after we get you open and running for six months, we charge you a one-time fee of $10,000 and a flat rate of $3000/month.

Flat rate per month? Yes. Being fair means we want you to keep the lion's share of the profit. You are going to work hard, so why shouldn't you keep most of the profits? Seems fair to us.

We want your Piehole restaurant to be yours. The world is full of boring, corporate, cookie-cutter restaurants filled with standard issued posters, brainless slogans and rigid systems. Let's not create more crap like that, eh?

Here is what it will take...

First, do we like each other? No sense working together if we don't see eye-to-eye, right?

Second, you'll need between $50k and $100k in startup capital. Obviously, opening a restaurant takes money and we will show you how to efficiently and effective use your money. Your investment will help you buy all your supplies and equipment, make improvements to your location, execute a marketing plan, and allocate some operating capital for your first few months of operation. None of the money goes to paying for licensing fees...100% of your investment goes towards opening your business.

Third, bring your energy and enthusiasm. You'll be working at your restaurant every day for the first two years. Seriously, there is no way around this. If you want something easy, keep that 8-to-5 job. Seriously.

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